Camp Clements

About The Camp

Camp Clements is the oldest state FFA camp in the nation. Since 1927, it has been training and developing leaders in agriculture. In fact, the word camp may be some what of a misnomer. Camp Clements is not a makeshift, temporary and/or vacation facility indicative of a ‘camp.’ Camp Clements is a modern, permanent leadership facility for Tennessee vocational students and teachers. The purposes of the facility are very specific and the student groups meet to achieve very worthwhile goals:

  • Development of competent local and state officers of career and technical student organizations
  • Development of leadership/team skills in the individual through: officer’s classes, public speaking classes and demonstrations, extemporaneous speaking contests, panel discussions, ceremonies, demonstrations, etc.
  • Promotion of the attitude of cooperation
  • Development of a patriotic attitude in the individual
  • Encouragement of improvement in scholarship and creation of the desire for advanced knowledge
  • Development of character in the individual
  • Promotion of the attitude that good citizenship is a valuable trait in the individual

Camp Clements is also now open to groups for events like church camp and retreats.