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July 2015
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Written by: State President - Chelsea Sanders  
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July is supposed to be filled with fireworks, sweat bees, and beach balls, right? Well it definitely was! First up, we finished our six weeks of camp with enough fireworks to give Mr. Newsom a scare. We also managed to sell all of our TN FFA Traditions T-shirts, meaning we are all proud beyond belief of the traditions we uphold. We started out July with mine and Chad’s week of camp, and managed to bring in the Fourth of July around the rain. The sixth and final week of camp, Chelsea W and Derek were truly able to bring out some great traditions after everything we had learned from NLCSO.    

After we bid Clements farewell, we started preparing for all of our final summer events (in our heads summer never really ends). This small gap in July is when we were all separated until our next event, the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference!

At the Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference, the six members of the team able to attend were truly tested on their Agriculture knowledge. Chelsea W., Chad, Stephen, Emily, and Madison were updated on some of the top issues and were able to participate in the Ag Olympics! Throughout this event, their teamwork skills were challenged and their knowledge about this industry flourished. While the rest of the team was at YF&R, Dalton and I were at State Presidents’ Conference (SPC)! Here, we were able to meet representatives from teams across the nation. SPC is facilitated by the six national officers and is a true learning experience that allows us to bring back information about the National FFA Delegate process to our teams.

At this conference, the representatives announce the proposals for National Convention and they are ranked, and then made into committees. Our proposal this year was a “Go FFA International Tour.” This proposal actually falls under one of the committees and will be discussed at National Convention! However, after all the excitement and visits from sponsors, Dalton and I were ready to head home! 

And then, FINALLY, we were all reunited at Camp Clements for the CTSO conference! The CTSO (Career Technical State Officer) conference is an opportunity for all of the State Officer teams of the Tennessee Career Technical Associations to get to know each other and plan our Fall Leadership Conference! We had a great time getting to know, and working with, all the other teams. Not to mention, we are now PUMPED for these Fall Leadership conferences to take place across the state!

We spent our last few days of July blissfully preparing for a deadly battle of the Hunger Games at our Regional Officer Preparatory Experience, more info in the next edition!

  • Chelsea Sanders, State President

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